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The new year brings new tax law changes. Both the North Carolina state regulations and federal tax changes can affect your taxes and how you do business and allocate your funds as an individual. We present results of some of this new legislation here. Let’s begin with North Carolina. Senate Bill 557 addresses several tax […]


As we close out the year, we are taking a moment to look ahead. This is a perfect time to remember the happy events of this year. Recall precious time spent with friends and family and rewarding achievements. Consider improving things that might have been done better. Hold onto the memories of wonderful moments and […]


We send you holiday greetings as we wonder where has the time gone? There are only six days until Christmas and twelve days to New Year’s Day. This year is nearly over, and the end has come quickly. We would like to wish you the best as you celebrate your seasonal holidays. Thank you for […]


Financial education will now be a requirement for graduates of North Carolina high schools. North Carolina now will now become the 20th state mandating that students learn about financial literacy before graduating. The course covers paying for college tuition and other college expenses, learning how to handle credit cards and what the cost of borrowing […]

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