Tax Planning and Preparation


You may need us more than ever! With health care and tax law changes there has never been a more confusing time. Clear the confusion and gain confidence by calling the Les Merritt firm.

Help With Your Taxes
Let us help you with your income tax returns. We are available to help you in whatever way you need. Now, more than ever, you need a proven Certified Public Accountant to guide you through the tax implications of the Healthcare legislation, and tax law changes.

E-Filing Made Easy

Electronic returns may be your tax filing mode.  Consider the difference between having it done in kiosk or having the professional stamp of Les Merritt CPA, CFP® on your return. We’ll work with you to help you file electronically or by mail, which ever way you choose.

Working with a CPA this Year is NOT Optional

Tax issues require professional tax help and preparation from CPAs. It’s not optional, it’s essential.

Call us now.

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