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We are now in the holiday rush time of the year. With just over two weeks until Christmas, many of us are scurrying around. We are getting gifts and planning parties with family and friends. December is also a favorable time to reflect back on the year. Now is a time to review what we […]


Time to set clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. In two days, November 3rd,  remember that daylight savings time officially ends at 2:00 a.m.  Most people will set clocks back before turning in Saturday night. Many modern appliances have electronic clocks. Remember to reset your timers on appliances including ovens […]


Like in a football game, the fourth quarter is critical. Finishing the game strong will prepare you to win and help you to get ready for next year. To succeed at the financial game you need to look over your investments and tax exposure. You are more likely to be victorious if you make adjustments […]

Can You Wait?

He who hesitates is lost or so the adage goes. Can you wait another week? Probably not. In the case of filing your tax return you may lose time and money. Are you one of the unprepared Americans who has not yet done anything about your tax return? Some 29 million individuals filed returns just […]

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