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Can You Wait?

He who hesitates is lost or so the adage goes. Can you wait another week? Probably not. In the case of filing your tax return you may lose time and money. Are you one of the unprepared Americans who has not yet done anything about your tax return? Some 29 million individuals filed returns just […]


Today it is less than 40 days until your personal taxes are due on April 15. Corporate returns are due next week. Have you begun or finished your taxes? There are numerous changes to the tax code this year so you might need some help. Check with a CPA to get your personal taxes completed […]


The snow-white blossoms on the Bradford Pear trees have come and gone and other trees are beginning to show their buds and blossoms. Even though we were surprised by a dusting of snow this week, warmer days are on the way. With the first official day of Spring on Wednesday, the tax filing deadline nears. […]


This is your reminder countdown to tax day!  Your personal tax return is due in less than six weeks. Your company return, depending on what type of company may be due next week. It may not be too late to have a CPA file your personal taxes. In cases where one or both can’t be […]

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