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Summer is here. Today is the first day of summer and with it comes some thunderstorms and plenty of hot weather. We should also see the blossoming of many of the flowers planted during the spring. You can see the blooming of the hibiscus, petunia, zinnia, day lily, and a variety of clover-headed flowers. These […]


Take extra steps to keep the kids safe. With the unofficial beginning of summer after Memorial Day, many children are out of school and playing outdoors. Keep an eye out for the unexpected; they may dart in front of you while you are driving or run out from between parked cars. In their exuberance to […]


Look around outside and see the May rewards. These are the outcome of sowing earlier this spring are plentiful as you can see stunning flowers bloom. The rain from April and early May contributed to this growth, but it would never have happened if you didn’t plant the seeds and tend to them. Some of […]

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