Tag: Happy Fourth of July!


On this 243rd anniversary join us in the independence celebration and recognize our accomplishments. Our country has moved the causes of democracy here and abroad In just under two -and-a-half centuries. Many brave men and women have sacrificed since our inception to preserve our freedom. We have extended those privileges to many in our own […]


Les Merritt and staff wish you a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July. As you prepare for picnics and family gatherings be sure to protect yourself and those around you from the hot day that is forecasted. Have plenty of sunscreen on hand and be sure everyone is drinking plenty of fluids. As you celebrate […]


On July 4, 241 years ago the Continental Congress voted then adopted the Declaration of Independence decreeing self-rule and severing ties from Britain. This event marks the birth of our nation and the inevitability of the Revolutionary War. Today we have much to be proud of since we decided to go it on our own. […]

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