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If you decided to stay the course after the dip in the stock market at the end of last year, you would have recovered almost everything you might have lost. As of the end of last week, the stock market’s closing numbers approached third quarter highs in 2018. Those who jumped ship before the recovery […]


Look around outside and see the May rewards. These are the outcome of sowing earlier this spring are plentiful as you can see stunning flowers bloom. The rain from April and early May contributed to this growth, but it would never have happened if you didn’t plant the seeds and tend to them. Some of […]


As the spring storms arrive, many skies display rainbows. In legends rainbows have a pot of gold at their end and thus represent good fortune. These multicolored, circular arcs, in the Old Testament, symbolized a promise after the flood that life on earth would never be destroyed by rising waters again. You can be sure […]


What makes weather unpredictable? The process is based on multiple data fed into supercomputers to arrive at forecasts. Although not always correct, current predictions are much improved over those of just 10 years ago. First predictions were published yearly in the Farmers Almanac. Those forecasts (which are still published today) use a secret formula that […]

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