Please make plans to stay safe as we undergo another hurricane in the Carolinas. The impact on you and your family is unpredictable. Many of you may see only a few inches of rain and slight winds. Others may experience high winds and abundant amounts of water. Even with the best prediction technology, the actual path cannot be determined for sure. Similarly, our lives may take turns we are not expecting. We have learned in the past few years that hurricanes have a mind of their own.

During a hurricane, countless people can be without electricity, or worse, lose property and/or their homes. You can’t prepare for some things in life; they just happen. The damage can change your circumstance and shift with every turn of a storm.

You can’t control acts of nature, but you can prepare for the financial ups and downs that might accompany them. You can be ready for life’s surprises with adequate planning. A certified financial planner(CFP) can help you plan for the unexpected when you may have to rebuild or replace items that were not covered by insurance. A solid financial plan helps to guard against unforeseen circumstances.

Looking beyond this storm remember that a CFP can help arrange for life events like weddings, children’s and grandchildren’s education, holiday travel and retirement. Having spare funds put away for expected or unexpected events can make life flow smoother.

Prepare for the unexpected. Consulting with a CFP like Les Merritt can help. Call Les soon at (919) 269-8553 to make sure you are ready for the future. Stay safe through Dorian and be sure to prepare with water, food and other the other emergency supplies through the next few days.

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