Yellow PollenSpring is here for sure when the yellow pollen covers automobiles, mailboxes and other exposed surfaces and sneezing and stuffiness affects much of the population here in the South. As most of us have learned, it is not the visible pollen but the other pollen that cause the allergy problems. As the days go on without rain, the coating gets thicker and thicker, but there is precipitation due this weekend that will wash much of the dingy color away.

This yellow dusting is another reminder that taxes are due. This year we get a few days of reprieve and the last day to file personal taxes without an extension is April 17. For those of you who have procrastinated, the time is here. There are less than two weeks before the deadline. Last minute self-prepared returns are dangerous because in the rush, money can be left on the table or non-legitimate deductions can create errors in your return. These can either make you pay more than you should or get your paperwork returned with a penalty for unpaid (those questionable deductions) amounts.

If you have put off your taxes this long, contact a CPA to help you file that extension and begin preparing your tax return. Using a professional to do your preparation makes good sense.

Les Merritt, CPA, has been helping families and businesses prepare their returns for decades in the Triangle and can help you file that extension and get your return ready so that you can minimize interest on the late filing.

Contact Les Merritt at (919) 269-8553 to make an appointment and stop procrastinating. Once you have made plans, you can rest easily and wait for the rain to remove some of the pollen from our lives.

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