Rough WatersThis week has seen rough waters for investors. The stock market looked bad at the end of trading on Wednesday. It had lost almost 800 points. Thursday it rallied and gained back nearly all it had lost. It seems this was triggered by an arrest of a Chinese tech official in Canada and the continuing reactions to tariffs established by the United States. International and national news often affects the stock market.

These wild swings may worry professional investors but shouldn’t worry long-term shareholders with  diversified portfolios. The market almost always rights itself after dramatic losses and gains so those who are investing for the long term have traditionally weathered any storms.

Having a diverse investment strategy is one of the benefits a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) can offer to you as a client. Following that strategy can help you feel secure about your investments over the long haul.

We have experienced these types of market swings in recent years. Some experts are predicting that this sort of activity may become more of the norm in the future.

Visit with Les Merritt, CFP, to review your investments. This action might be a wise move in light of the volatility. Les has watched fluctuations in the market over the years and helped steer his clients through rough waters. He has helped families and businesses protect their investments and increase earnings using cautious investment approaches. He can help you as well.

Les is also a CPA and can advise you about final preparations to attend to before the end of the year to prepare for 2018 taxes. He and his helpful staff can suggest ways such as donations to reduce your tax liabilities for this year.

Contact Les today at (919) 269-8553 to set an appointment. Find out how your money can work for you while providing the level of security you need. Call the office to make sure your strategy is optimal so you can keep moving through the waters, no matter what the weather brings.


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