Since there’s no silver bullet, how do we measure success with our financial planning? How does your plan stack up? Many of us know how to set a goal, but fewer are able to evaluate how effective we are at achieving that goal. There is a lot of advice on the web and shared in conversation about how much we need to save for retirement, and many of these opinions are contradictory. How can you determine if you are saving enough with the future of Social Security unclear?

These questions may keep you up at night. Or, if they are too difficult to answer, you may ignore them. Neither of these “solutions” is helpful. Since each person and family is in a unique situation, your plan should be customized to meet your needs. Consider the many factors to determine how much savings is necessary in terms of your earnings and budget. Among those are current debts, educational loans, salaries, expenses and more. There is not one plan that fits all.

So where do you begin? Smart people consult professionals. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) can help. A CFP with this certification earned from the Certified Financial Planner Board has completed work in financial education, passed an examination, show significant experience and has a commitment to a set of financial planning ethics. These people have met standards and most have helped clients in the past.

Les Merritt, a CFP and a CPA, can help. Set up a meeting with Les and his staff for your goal setting and savings. It is the fourth quarter and we are headed into the holidays, so this is a great time to reassess your goals and progress. Call (919) 269-8553 today to set an appointment. Because there is no silver bullet, no one-size-fits-all, let Les and his team customize the right solution for you and finish the year with confidence.

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