We have now arrived in the tax maze and you may need help finding your way through it. Since we are halfway through the year, business owners should be planning for the changes. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed last year, brought about many.  One of the changes to tax deductions in 2018 can […]


Les Merritt and staff wish you a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July. As you prepare for picnics and family gatherings be sure to protect yourself and those around you from the hot day that is forecasted. Have plenty of sunscreen on hand and be sure everyone is drinking plenty of fluids. As you celebrate […]

Changes to Our Site

We have some important changes to tell you about, changes that have resulted because at Les Merritt CPA-CFP, we listen to you, our friends and clients. First, some young and some old, said they did not like typing the hyphen “-” in our emails or when going to our website. So guess what? We removed […]

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