Look around outside and see the May rewards. These are the outcome of sowing earlier this spring are plentiful as you can see stunning flowers bloom. The rain from April and early May contributed to this growth, but it would never have happened if you didn’t plant the seeds and tend to them.

Some of our most popular flowers display in May. Easter lilies, peonies, irises, lilacs, magnolias, heather, pansies and freesias dot the landscape. Their colorful blossoms announce May’s holidays:  May Day, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Today is Pack Rat Day with its own flower, the nasturtium.

Good money management is like gardening.  The gardener tends to his or her plants from seedling to full flower. Handling your investments requires the same type of care and attention. Many cannot spend the time to get the best yield. That’s where a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) can help. CFPs are professionals who specialize in helping clients to maximize their funds. Their awareness of the market and the forces that move it up and down allows them to help you make the correct decisions. As you plan for your children’s future, vacations or other activities, a well-planned strategy will assist.

Les Merritt, a CFP and a CPA, can help. His extensive knowledge of not only investments but also tax liability make him a logical choice. Les and his staff look at all the factors to consider how to create a better financial future for you.

Why not talk with Les who has been consulting with others for over three decades. Contact his office at (919) 269-8553 and set an appointment for your spring review. Move forward with the confidence that yours will be a prosperous and happy summer. Be sure to profit with your May rewards and a beneficial summer by planning or reviewing your plan now.

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