Squirrels are stocking up on acorns andSquirrel gathering nuts nuts for the winter and it is time to review your plans for your future. It is time to revisit investments and prepare for upcoming wants and desires. Now is a good time to be sure you are putting away what you will eventually need for retirement.

The arrival of cool mornings signals the beginning of fall, and is a favorable time for financial planning. Children are headed back to school. The heat of high summer has abated for a few days and the time for jackets and hats is just around the corner. As you finish your back to school shopping, why not make plans to update your portfolios.

Talk with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to review and revise plans. The economic landscape may have has changed as the seasons advance. Les Merritt, a CFP and Certified Public Accountant, keeps his eyes on how financial markets fluctuate. He can help you can take advantage of the shifts.

Les Merritt has been helping families for years to plan for future events whether  graduation, marriage, retirement or other happy occasions. Les understands that planning can alleviate worry about these expenses and build a nest egg to prepare. He also understands that your plan must take into account current earnings and budgets.

When you are considering your fall planning, give Les Merritt, CFP, a call at (919) 269-8553 to discuss your future. Remember this is the perfect time to be sure your financial plan is still working for you. Les recommends that you review your investments at least once a year, so if you have not done so yet, make an appointment now.

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