Theinvest term invest is from two Latin words, vestire meaning “to clothe” and in meaning “onto” or “upon.” Combined they form the Latin verb investire denoting “to cover with a garment or to clothe.”  The modern meaning of the word refers to funding something (usually stocks bonds, pensions, etc.) with the expectation of making a profit at a later time. Investments are made by saving money through some instrument to take care of future expenses, especially education or retirement. You need to have the correct financial garments.

This is a long tradition in the United States. First opening in 1792,  the New York Stock Exchange is one of the world’s leading markets for investment. Many established banks became places to invest in the 1800s. Today most people invest on their own or by working with a financial planner. A Certified Financial Planners (CFP) is one who has passed an exam. The CFP has shown competency in over 100 topics such as retirement, estate, and investment planning.

When you invest using a CFP means you have someone keeping up with what is happening in the market. This person will advise you in respect to the risks that you are willing to take. When you begin working with your financial planner, he or she should get to know your financial standing to determine your ability to withstand risks.

Contact Les Merritt, CFP, at (919) 269-8553 today and make an appointment. See that your money is working for you and your future. When you clothe yourself for your future, remember that Les has helped many families and businesses to select the correct financial garments. Les can keep you and your family warm for the later years or when you are ready to pay for a college education.

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