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Which would you rather do, take care of payroll or go fishing or work on your business? You work hard in your business. Every day you concentrate on pleasing your clients and customers and producing the best services and products for the marketplace. Why should you spend time on back office tasks?

Payroll can be especially time consuming if you need to keep up with the latest federal and state regulations (and those of other states if your employees work out of state). Keeping track of hours and being sure the correct salaries and commissions are paid is also time consuming.

Many of you may think that Les Merritt only does taxes, accounting and financial planning. He and his staff do more! Why not take your payroll to the experts at Les Merritt where conscientious professionals take care of the details with payroll? That can leave you valuable time to make sales and fulfill orders to bring higher profitability to your company.

Expect Les and his vigil staff to be accurate and timely with our service. We provide payroll for hourly or salaried employees or for 1099 consultants. Whatever your payroll needs are, we are here to help and remove one more task from your busy days or one more worry from your mind as you vacation. Make a call today to set up relief from your payroll chores and rest assured that this part of your business will run smoothly, and you will not have to be concerned. Call Les’ office today at (919) 269-8553 to set an appointment and buy back some time and peace of mind.


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