Let’s take a moment to give credit to fathers. Although not recognized as an official holiday until 1972, the United States government designated this holiday in 1966. There are two competing stories for it’s origin. The first story is that Sonora Smart Dodd, of Washington state, thought of the idea while hearing a sermon in church in 1909. She wanted to honor fathers in the same way mothers were recognized for Mother’s Day (beginning in 1908). Sonora’s dad raised her and her five siblings after her mother passed away. She wanted to acknowledge his efforts.  The second story goes that in 1908 in West Virginia after a mine explosion killed 361 men, we should remember those men. Grace Golden Clayton proposed to a minister in her church that a ceremony be held to honor them.

Whichever story might be the case, this third Sunday of June is part of the fabric of our lives. Think beyond the retailer’s version of buying a tie or another tool to be stashed in the garage.  Consider what influence your father has had on you. If you can reach out to him and remind him of how important he has been, that would be a grand gift.

All of us at Les Merritt wish the dads out there a happy Father’s Day We will take a few moments to think about our fathers and hope you do the same. This is the perfect time to spend time with family and friends.  Count the blessings your fathers have brought you and their hard work to provide for you in many ways.

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