Snow in Dec

Enjoy these days of final preparation for your holidays. In the midst of all the bustle see the beauty all around you. This year’s snow created a wonderland, unusual for North Carolina and something to behold. When temperatures dip think of those who keep you warm with their kindness and generosity and who are there when you need them.

Many of you have already decorated inside and out. You have wrapped packages and readied them for your celebration. Multi-colored lights twinkle on your drive home in the evening. As the days grow shorter, appreciate those lights and treasure family and friends both far away and near. Be thankful for the fruits of your labors from 2018. Reflect on whom you have helped and who has helped you.

This has been a remarkable year with many reaching out to help those affected by the floods and hurricanes in our state. This kindness reflects a magnificent spirit of giving and is the real holiday gift to those who lost so much. Please continue to help those in need this holiday season and next year.

In the last minute rush to get those last gifts and to write those last minute cards, slow down and take a breath. Make room for those people who are hurrying to get all their shopping done and may be a little distracted.Stay safe on the highways and byways as you travel.

Les Merritt CPA CFP and the whole family here would like to express our appreciation for your support, and we hold thoughts for prosperity for you in the new year. And as you are making your final preparations, remember to prepare for taxes after the holiday season is over. We are available to help you.

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