Be sure you don’t get burned during the peak of summer. You are smart. You slather on sunscreen lotion when you venture out in the July heat, and you know to stay hydrated. Since you understand the danger of cooking your skin until you look as red as a beet, you take precautions to protect your skin. You drink plenty of water while you are out. After all you wouldn’t drive without the protection of insurance or head out without an umbrella when you know it is going to rain.

Not putting money away through investment is like lying out on the beach without sunblock. Whether you are saving for a family vacation or for unforeseen circumstances, it is an intelligent thing to do. Having that reserve at hand gives you a sense of security and helps you feel like a good provider.

But many families and individuals do not make that kind of financial plan. They risk overexposure just like someone who ignores warnings about too much sun. You don’t have to take that chance. By contacting a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), you can begin planning for your future.  If you have already done so, congratulations. You might want to review your preparations and be sure they will cover your upcoming financial needs. Getting a professional opinion is a wise move. Your financial planner can help.

Les Merritt, CPA and CFP can take care of this for you. He and his staff have been helping families plan for future needs for three decades. Les and his staff can discuss your current plan and move forward with the correct actions. Call Les at (919) 269-8553 to schedule a session. Isn’t it time to be sure you don’t get burned? Enjoy this summer and many summers to come with the knowledge that you are safe.

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