Changes to Our Site

Essential BusinessWe have some important changes to tell you about, changes that have resulted because at Les Merritt CPA-CFP, we listen to you, our friends and clients.

First, some young and some old, said they did not like typing the hyphen “-” in our emails or when going to our website. So guess what? We removed it.

Now you can simply type and you’re there. Or you can write to our staff using their first name, like

We’re also investing in new and better technology to better serve you.

And probably most importantly, we’ve now assembled a team of Certified Public Accountants with an able and ready staff to meet your needs from taxes to payroll to planning! Les leads our team as only 12% of American CPA’s are also Certified Financial Planners!

We’re already hearing that our positive and progressive changes are making headway. That’s why we say we go…Beyond the Essentials™.

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