beach mountainWhen you retire would you prefer to spend your leisure time at the beach or in the mountains? Or perhaps you are one of the people who enjoy the lake. Think how beautiful those overlook scenes will be or how the sand will feel on bare feet. How wonderful it will be to sail out on the water during sunrise or sunset.

Whatever your inclination, you can make it happen by beginning your planning today. You can be ready. Set aside enough funds and investing wisely now. That way you will be prepared.

Knowing what to invest in can be confusing. That’s why you might want to confer with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). These professionals make it their business to know the market. Although there are no guarantees about what will happen to the market from day to day, understanding trends helps them to better select options based on your goals and associated risks. Once a CFP knows your financial situation he or she can make educated decisions about how you can best invest. There is not a cookie-cutter solution; your plan depends on many factors. Your CFP uses our circumstances to create the right combination of investments for you.

So as you dream of retiring at the beach or in the mountains contact CFP Les Merritt to help you create that personalized strategy for your future. Les has been helping clients prepare for retirement as well as invest and save for college funds, new houses, boats and other important steps up through and to retirement.

Call (919) 269-8553 today to set an appointment.

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