finishlineWith the filing deadline a mere 27 days away on April 18th, your tax return is probably completed by now. Your CPA or accountant has crunched all the numbers and you know what’s on the bottom line—how much you owe or will be refunded.

How do you feel about your bill or your refund? Did you get back what you expected or wanted?  Do you feel you paid too much? Maybe there was a legitimate way to reduce your tax liabilities or increase your refund in 2016.

If you did your taxes on your own, did you enjoy the chore? How many hours did it take? Think about whether it was worth your time. Many people are penny wise and pound foolish. They don’t think about how much their time is worth. If you could have used your time to make more money and had handed over the tax task to a pro, you might have saved money. A professional preparer could have saved you time, not to mention money.

Planning for next year, figure out how you will cross the finish line. Consider how Les Merritt, CPA and Certified Financial Planner, could save you money, time and headaches. Get in touch and find out how you can save on your taxes. Set up a meeting so that you can have that important discussion early.

Contact Les Merritt today by calling (919) 269-8553 and make arrangements to be more productive hire a professional to get the most favorable return done in 2017.

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