A prosperous new year begins with plans and goals. In the midst of this holiday season is a good time to take stock. After looking back at 2018 consider what you would like to spend your time working on in the new year? Are you planning that marvelous vacation, buying a new car or home, or spending more time with family and friends? Setting the goal is the first step. People are more likely to achieve their dreams when they can visualize what they want to do.

With the end in mind, outline the steps to get there. You might want to think about the final step and work backward. Or you might plan forward. In any case, seeing the path to the goal is essential. Remembering what you want to do daily also helps. The third ingredient in successfully achieving your objective is to measure your progress.

Another important consideration is determining the resources you will need. Do you have to save money? Do you need to establish time to enjoy the objective? Do you have to organize an event and get others to make time as well? Arriving at your goal may require that you answer and act on these types of questions.

The staff at Les Merritt, CFP, CPA hope that you will realize your dreams. We are here to help you with financial and tax planning to aid you on your journey to a prosperous new year. Call us today at (919) 269-8553 to set an appointment to prepare for a bright new year. We have been assisting businesses, individuals and families for over three decades. Make your preparations soon so that a year from now you can look back and see how you have achieved your goals. Be safe and secure going into 2019.

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