Les Merritt CPA, CFP®

It’s against the rules, as it should be, for one CPA to say that his firm is better than another. But as in any business there are the good people and then there are the great people.

For the length of his stellar financial career, Les Merritt’s own accounting record shows he has practiced with knowledge, compassion and a keen yearning to provide the best service possible.

Les Merritt CPA, CFP® professional is a full service accounting and related professional services firm located in Wake County, North Carolina. From Les to his accounting and support staff, each person is geared to give meticulous and personal services.

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We Can Help

We are ready to start working with you on taxes, accounting or planning, whether it’s you as an individual, you as a company or both!

Whatever your individual or business accounting and related professional needs are, Les Merritt CPA, CFP® professional is at your service. And we want to show you personally what going BTE – Beyond the Essentials really is.

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Beyond the Essentials

When we say Beyond the Essentials we really mean it.

Les Merritt is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner™ professional. Les Merritt’s professional designations indicate not only achievement, but a commitment to continuing education and the gathering of knowledge for the benefit of you and other clients.

Often when we go online looking for the right service provider, we have a specific need, one particular challenge. It may be a personal tax consultant, a business consultant, a financial planner, or some other financial business need.

“Beyond the Essentials” is a commitment from our firm to meet your accounting and related professional needs. Wherever you are in the financial spectrum, trying to make your money go farther, establishing foundations for the future, planning your retirement, planning for someone’s college, whatever; doesn’t it give you comfort and confidence to know there’s a firm that goes “Beyond the Essentials” to help you to get you where you want or need to be?

Non-CPA Tax Preparer

Non-CPA Tax Return Preparer

Look at your individual situation or look at your company situation and ask yourself if you really want to trust your financial record-keeping and your planning for the future to an attendant in cubicle in a big box store. We don’t think so.

Think about the fact that you have a choice to take advantage of as few or as many services as you need, the point being that our firm DOES offer so many, and that’s why we say “Beyond the Essentials.

Combining “Beyond the Essentials” with credentials and with compassion, sums your client experience with Les Merritt CPA, CFP® professional.

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